How should we begin...  Saying that wine comes as second nature to us would be cliché AF.  Although we are very knowledgeable when it comes to the wine we offer, we do not want it to feel as if you were walking into a classroom.  We like to approach it more like a conversation between friends. 
Located in the heart of Charlotte, make The Wooden Vine a stop during your night on the town.  Stroll on in before a show.  Make an impression on a first date.  Bring out of town family and friends to share what a dope spot you found.  Unwind with drinks after work.  Celebrate a birthday or anniversary with your bae.  Life's about inventing stories, and we want to be a part of yours.

The atmosphere... is what you'd expect from a wine bar, kinda.

Dimmed lights and candles really set the mood.  We leave it up to the tunes that blast throughout the restaurant and our personalities to bring the electric vibes.  From Flea slapping the bass with the Chili Peppers (house favorite) to a reggae playlist that will mellow the mood, the vibe is never boring.  Sometimes Kendrick spits a couple bars before we have to skip due to the language.  

The staff.... is multidimensional to say the least.

There are three ingredients in our front-of-house recipe: smarts, wit and a Russian accent.  We all carry a little bit of each.  It starts at the top with a Level 2 Sommelier who lives life like a boss.  Positive vibes trickle down to her fearless soldiers.  We love what we do, and we're good at it. Go ahead, test the skills of the staff with a party of 10 dining at our beautiful wood table with a gaping hole in the middle of the damn thing. 

The wine... is approachable.

With 50 wines by the glass and > 300 by the bottle, our selection is hard to beat.  Carrying all the classics, the funky items are what really separate us from an ordinary wine bar.  It can be difficult choosing a wine so try one of the 12 flights we offer.  We of course have a full bar to whip up your classic cocktails plus an extensive selection of whiskeys and bourbons.  Our Craft Beer list is on point too. So whatever your poison, we've got you covered.

The kitchen... has a mind of its own.

With a kitchen smaller than (insert something really small), you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what rolls out of there.  Tapas, homemade pastas and cheese and charcuterie are all staples here at The Vine.  We also offer some off the wall menu items like a Truffle Burger and Asian BBQ Lollipop Wings.  Local vendors source the majority of our ingredients and the creative minds of our chefs do the rest.  Their main ingredient is Love.

The guests... let's face it, it's all about you.

You guys. The go-getters. The ones who know how to make a Wednesday night epic. You are what make this place special. Hellos turn into stories shared, and customers turn into friends. We are lucky we get to come to work everyday to serve you fine folks. Okay, that's enough chit chat. Just come on in and you'll see what we mean.